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Embark on an unforgettable Fintech journey to paradise on the pristine waters of the

British Virgin Islands

Fintech on the Seas 2025 is a groundbreaking conference set literally on the breathtaking waters of the British Virgin Islands. It brings together leading fintech innovators, startups, investors, and regulators from around the world for three days of networking, sharing ideas, and fostering partnerships.

The event is designed to attract startups, venture capitalists, banks, financial institutions, regulators, financial technology providers, and anyone interested in the future of fintech, regtech, digital assets, virtual assets, and crypto.

Fintech on the Seas aims to..


Highlight and discuss emerging trends and technologies in fintech, regtech, digital assets, virtual assets, and crypto industries.

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Faciliate in-depth discussions on regulatory trends and challenges in the fintech and related spaces

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Foster networking and collaboration opportunities among fintech companies, investors and regulators

Provide a platform for startups to showcase their innovative solutions in the fintech and related sectors and attract potential investors

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Promote the British Virgin Islands as a top-tier fintech and digital assets hub.

Fintech on the Seas is expected to drive the growth and innovation of the fintech, regtech, and digital assets sectors by fostering connections, inspiring new ideas, and facilitating important regulatory conversations. It will also enhance the recognition of the British Virgin Islands as a burgeoning hub for fintech and digital assets.

Event Highlights:

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Keynote Sessions

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Regulatory Roundtable

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Startup Pitch Competition

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Innovation Showcase

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Networking Events


The Ministry of Financial Services, Labour and Trade

Contact Information:

For more details and registration, please visit email us at

We look forward to welcoming you to the British Virgin Islands for Fintech on the Seas 2025!

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